I'm Pete Morris, a sysadmin for the Computer Science department at James Madison University. I focus primarily on Linux and virtualization/storage (VMware, Xen, KVM, SAN, NFS) and I'm particularly interested in automation, high availability, and security. I tend to write (sporadically) about these topics and generally only when other articles online haven't already covered them better.

Recent Articles

Windows webdav woes 2015-07-14
Static analysis for shell scripts 2015-04-15
Using wireshark to analyze traffic on a remote server without X11 2015-03-04
Compiling a static website with make 2015-02-16
Cross compiling FILE(1) for android: A tutorial 2013-01-07


For more see the full list of articles and Github. You can contact me at moc.liamg@sirrom.etep (AE96AA32).